Monday, February 1, 2016

Zydeco Club - Slim's Y-Ki-Ki Closes after 69 Years !

With time comes change and some change is not what us Zydeco dancers like to see.  The famous old Zydeco club in Opelousas Louisiana, Slim's Y-Ki-Ki recently closed after being in business for 69 years. 

I have had many good memories over the years and probably also lost a little hearing in that place at some point.  Always appreciated the welcoming they gave us out of town tourist in their local hot spot as we were definitely outsiders.  My favorite memories include one of the nights when the local police shut down the place with the blue flashing lights of their police cars illuminating up the area around the club.

Check out the advisors article at the link below:

Check out the advisors article at the link below:



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