Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Zydeco Accordion Lesson Website -

There is a new website just released on how to play Zydeco accordion.  In the world of Cajun and Zydeco accordion instruction there is a lot more information on playing Cajun style than Zydeco so this site is very unique. 

The new website is called and focuses on how to learn single row Zydeco accordions. 

It lists a free basic song to learn called Zydeco Extravaganza and also has several other lessons for Keith Frank, Chris Ardoin and a Step Rideau tune.

Each song is broken down into basics of the melody and played through short video clips at very slow, slow and medium speed.  The site also lists tablature or the  musical notation of what buttons to push which can also be very helpful.

There are also several great tempo drum beats to play along with if wanted.
It also has a nice list of the biggest names in Zydeco with links to youtube video clips of them playing.