Saturday, February 14, 2015

Making Zydeco Accessible - Andre Thierry

In the past being a Zydeco artist has been a very inclusive club only ventured by those who have the persistence to figure out how to play the music, or happen to live in Louisiana or Texas and have access to the incredibly talented artists.

Thanks to special artists such as Andre Thierry and a few others who are sharing their talents with others we will be able to keep spreading the wonderful Creole music for years to come.  As another example of people sharing information on playing Zydeco is at and for Cajun music BigNick's web site at

This blog post was in relation to reading an interesting article from Adam Joseph with the Monterey County Weekly eNewsletter which did a great little interview with Andre at the link below.  Click on the image below...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gator By The Bay Festival Lineup... May 7th-10th 2015 - Mother Day Weekend - San Diego

There are a bunch of Cajun/Zydeco festivals on the west coast and one of the biggest coming up is Gator By The Bay in San Diego.   This Cajun/Zydeco band line up was recently announced and it will be humming!!

Brian Jack & the Zydeco Gamblers - Houston based Zydeco All Star is Back!!!!

Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys - A seasoned pro and this is the first time ever that we have been able to get him for Gator By The Bay

The Pine Leaf Boys - Amazing Cajun talent and it's been a while since we have had these guys on the west coast!

Beausoleil with Michael Douset - Grammy winning artist straight from the heart of Cajun Country.

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