Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rusty Metoyer Zydeco Growing at it's Fineest!

Here is one of the young Zydeco players/bands coming up in the ranks.. Rusty Metoyer and Zydeco Krush.  We saw him a couple years ago out here in San Diego and keeps getting better.  What is great is when the bands play a ton of the great  "cover" tunes that the dancers love dancing to.

Many bands that have been playing for a while start thinking all they need to do is create new tunes and play a few of the old tunes.  What they don't realize is the dancers LOVE many of the old tunes.  You know the feeling of when you buy a CD and you only like one or two tracks.  So bands need to remember that dancers Love the cover tunes which is what Rusty played a lot of so the dancers loved him and the band. 

I put in a request for this years Gator By The Bay festvial in San Diego to have Andre, Cedryl and Rusty for major Zydeco bands...  would be a great lineup imo...