Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Zydeco Dance Instruction DVD released!

Greg Benusa has just released Zydeco Dance Instruction DVD #4 which covers mostly intermediate moves and a couple advanced.  It also does a Cajun Waltz line dance and basic review Zydeco for 10 minutes at the beginning of the DVD.  Click on the image below and the video clip shows some of the moves covered in the DVD as well as some video clip footage from festivals.  The DVD covers only dance instruction and there is not any footage of the festivals in the DVD but it's a good peek at some of the festival action...

This Intermeidate and Beginning DVD covers new moves not covered in any of the past DVD's in the series from

Overview Video Clip

60 Minute Intermediate and Beginning DVD Includes:
Outside Turn, The Bump, She-He Turns, Gator Stomp, Lunges, Basic Zydeco Review, Lunges, Lifts, Side By Side, Hip Hold, Hip to Hip, Hip Push, Zydeco Whip, Lafayette Tap Slide By Side, Floating Slides with Lifts
Line Dance of Cajun Waltz

● 60 MINUTES of dance instruction
● Practice music at slow & normal tempos
● 13 Intermediate Moves and Cajun Waltz Line Dance
● DVD Menu to go direct to any move
● Music by Nooney & the Zydeco Floaters

More Info: or call 619.857. 8409