Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Whiskey River Jitterbug Dance!

Louisiana is a place like no other and along with their wonderful music are the dances that are done to this music.   While Zydeco is the dance most often done there is a growing number of people dancing the "Whiskey River Jitterbug".  This dance is known best for being seen at a famous bar called "Whiskey River" outside of Lafayette and at various other Cajun music related events around the area.

In the first video clip below Michael and Anna show how fun this dance can be: Click on the following link for details on ordering Michael's Whiskey River Jitterbug DVD... or you can email michaelseider @    mac   .com

The great part about this dance is it incorporates 6 count swing dance patterns which have been popular for many many years.  Check out the dance clips below to get a flavor of the dance and in addition some educational clips and video info as well to check out if wanted.