Saturday, July 11, 2015

Zydeco Dance Styles

I am always amazed at how it's not the technical ability of perfection of this dance that's fun to watch, its the attitude or style of other dancers that really bring their great energy to the experience.   

These clips below also help to show why Zydeco is perhaps the best dance in the world of all the social dances out there...   it's simplicity and yet ability to allow everyone's personality to shine in the joy of the music..  

The example below is more of a Zydeco-swing style where 1/3rd of his steps are swing, 6 count based and others are 8 count based but that gives it a style all it's own not to mention the attitude that is very cool..  

Something you see on LA and TX zydeco dance floors is the holding of the beer or cell phone while dancing...   

Arthur and Kim in Texas...


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