Sunday, January 19, 2014

Zydeco Kicks - FIZB Award for 2014

Each Zydeco band has it's own special energy and the Zydeco Kick's are truly unique in the Zydeco world.  They are from Tokyo and considering you can't find lessons in Tokyo for playing Zydeco it takes a lot of persistence to learn how to play, form a band and play as well as the Zydeco Kick's do. 

At 45 seconds into the video clip it shows the new "zydeco senior strut" line dance that you can see at many festivals around the world.  We need these guys to do a US tour!...   anyone have a few thousand bucks laying around to pay for it ;)

fyi... the "MFIZB" award is "My Favorite International Zydeco Band" award ;)... it's early in the year... but so far these guys have won it!!! 

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