Friday, March 1, 2013

Zydeco with Turns!

Traditionally the Zydeco dance has not had a lot of overhead type turns but that has changed over the years.  Typically swing, jitterbug, salsa and other dances have a great number of turns but over head turns do seem to be increasing in Zydeco.

The video clip below with a couple of great dancers, Arthur and Kim, is a good example of how turn are integrated into Zydeco. 

The difference with Zydeco is the whole dance is based on 8 count patterns opposed to jitterbug with 6 count patterns.  For Zydeco dancers who dance swing or other types of dancing it's a little odd to drag out the turns another two beats but it also gives you the opportunity to do a little more with the extra time.

As they say in Louisiana "It's All Good"...

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