Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keith Frank New CD - Follow the Leader/Boot Up

Keith Frank put out a new double CD called Follow the Leader/Boot Up.  13 tunes on the Boot Up CD and 17 on the Follow the Leader. 

From the shear vast number of tracks you are guaranteed to find several to meet your Zydeco addiction.. 

A few of the favorite tracks I heard ... 

Oh Mamacita -
Zydeco 2-Step with a Mexican music style to it which is great.  He sings a bit of the tune Spanish and then English which works really well.

Lessons from the Master Boozoo Chavis -

This is a great vocal track of Boozoo-isums.  The late great Boozoo Chavis has a unique perspective which he often shared I often wish there was a little book of these so leave it up to Keith Frank to realize how special his words were and shared an actual audio clip of Boozoo sharing a few words of wisdom.

Don't Start No Sh** -

A great little duet of him and another singer with a huge low end bass playing that will shake any room it is played in... 

Still Zydeco for Me -
A happy Zydeco tune reflecting on keeping with the traditional sound of Zydeco in comparison to other newer Zydeco which has rap style influences.

Link to sample/listen to the tunes on the CD...

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