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Gator By The Bay Festival Planner 2011

Gator By The Bay Festival Planner...

It's coming up on festival season and Gator By The Bay is the biggie and here are a few thoughts / tips for the coming festival....

If you or someone you know needs a hotel book NOW :)...
1. Sheraton - Next to festival ... they have two $109 rate rooms left... !!! 619-291-2900
2. West 500 Hotel - $40/night Downtown San Diego. 1 mile from festival..
Best deal in San Diego... right downtown close to bay.. several dancers have stayed here...
3. Motel 6 - $70/night... it's a 1/2 mile from the festival... 619-232-8931

Friday Night Party !!
Don't forget that there was a Friday night entertainment added to the festival... Here is a link to Friday's lineup so far... Along with all the bands playing Friday it looks like a tribute DJ dance and showing films according to the web site..

Cajun/Zydeco Entertainers:
Of corse Brian Jack will be headlining and there are many new bands of which I will just comment on a few out of town Cajun/Zydeco bands listed below. Here is a link to all the bands...

Ryan Brunet & the Malfecteurs .. Cajun high energy band that I have never seen before and looking forward to seeing them as their video clip on the Gator web site shows some great energy..

L'Angelus - Great fun Cajun youing Cajun band from Lafayette who recently moved to Nashville to try and make it in the big leagues..

Horace Trahan - I don't think Horace has played at Gator before that I remember .. danced to him up in LA and he will keep your feet-a-moving... the inside scoop... Horace was a very talented Zydeco artist who became famous for a song called "That Butt Thing"... he got so much attention for this song from what I have heard it really bugged him so he pulled out of Zydeco, found religion and didn't really play that much for a while. Then..thank goodness... he started playing again with more a crossover Cajun/Zydeco high energy style that we hear today..

Just check the web site before you go for latest info..

The festival would never happen if it wasn't for all the great volunteer's... click here for details..

Dance Lessons:
Many of the great instructors will be back and a few new instructors as well.. I will be teaching a Intermediate/Advanced Zydeco class on Saturday as well.

Free Online Zydeco Lesson:
If you or anyone you know is new to Zydeco... here is a free online lesson

Zydeco DVD's:
If you want to learn a few moves at home check out the DVD's... DVD#4 was just released as well.. See the new moves covered at

Of course there are a ton of places at the festival to eat at but for a little break or before the festival I have always loved walking around the marina in between the two Sheraton Hotel Towers to the little deli place on the water overlooking the boats called Papananis. Here is their web site and it's open early and late for a great little place to rest those dancing legs and enjoy the beauty of the marina.. It's a great place for a little breakfast as well...

Web Site:
Gator's main web site is at for reference...

You can get your tickets now at the link below... you can save $10 if you purchase a weekend pass. Considering how many hours of entertainment it's still a very good deal when you think of what other entertainment costs for a days activities :)

Looking forward to another great year thanks to all those hard working Gator By The Bay folks, the Bon Temp's Social club and and volenteer's who make it happen!!!

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