Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zydeco CD Review - T-Lou "Doin' The Crabwalk"

Just got my hands on T-Lou's latest Zydeco CD called "Doin The Crabwalk". T-Lou is an inspiration since he is in his early 70's and still creating great new Zydeco tunes to keep the dancers addicted. His voice sounds like someone half his age and he really mixed up the album with a good variety of tunes and tempos. Of course my favorite tune is "Hitchhiking On The 405" as it's a story about a gal hitchhiking from Chicago to San Diego to hear some Zydeco...

In each community we are fortunate to have the local Cajun/Zydeco bands to give that live experience. My only request for all the artists is to try not make the tunes to long as at any given dance we can never dance with all the dancers and the longer the songs, the less dancers we get to dance with...
Loved the cover of the CD as well giving it a little happy California Zydeco feeling with the image of him with a beach in the background.
To listen and buy the CD just go to the following CD baby link..

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