Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brian Jack Latest CD - You Don't Know Jack

Thank to the endless hours of recording time Brian Jack has recently released a new CD called "You Don't Know Jack". The album has many of the tunes with tempos that dancers have come to get addicted to. My favorite tracks #7 Baby Don't Go, a snappy little upbeat tune that drives your feet to the slow quick quick zydeco montra in a wonderful way.

The CD starts with a short audio comment saying "If they going to hate on you, let them hate on you, cause really they ain't worth your time". Interesting beginning comment and while I am don't know for sure, I am guessing it has something to do with the dog eat dog environment of being a top Zydeco artist in Louisiana and Texas these days. It takes a lot of courage to keep pushing it and bringing forward the great energy in Zydeco that we all have come to love.

You can listen to samples of all the tracks at the following link and if you like the tunes, support the artist and buy the CD :)

If you don't have any of Brian's CD's I would get the Best of Brian Jack at the link below...

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