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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ghosts of Good Times - South Louisiana Dance Halls Past & Present

At a recent Festival Acadians I had a great opportunity to hear a talk from Herman Fuselier and others about his new book Ghosts of Good Times about South Louisiana's Dance Halls past and present.  It was a fascinating look into the history of these places and the people of this wonderful part of Louisiana.

Check out his book at and you can also click on the following link to see a talk about his book from a symposium that covered this topic.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sean Ardoin Gets Onto Grammy Awards Recording Board

The Advertiser/Herman Fuselier posted a good news article about Sean Ardoin who got onto the Recording Academy Board which is a parent organization to the Grammy Awards.  Check out the full article at TheAdvertiser's link below.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gator By The Bay - The Huge San Diego Cajun/Zydeco Fest

The largest Cajun/Zydeco/Blues/Swing Dance Festival in the west coast is Gator By The Bay in San Diego...  

May 7th weekend ...   Check out all the details at

Friday, February 12, 2016

CrawDebauchery Food & Music Festival - April 2nd & 3rd - Pompano Beach Florida~

Check out the great Cajun and Zydeco line up for the 3rd annual CrawDebauchery Food and Music Festival coming up in April 2nd & 3rd in Pompano Beach Florida

The Big Names....

Chubby CarrierGeno DelafoseThe Savoy Family BandThe Lafayette Rhythm DevilsDwayne Dopsie

Check out the other bands through their website

Their food and music is drawn from New Orleans. They are also featuring 
Zydeco and Cajun dance lessons by Jerry Carrier and Jarene Williams throughout the weekend, fais do do COVERED dance floor, tons of crawfish flown in, snoballs and beignets, Louisiana arts and crafts, and a Kids Zone packed with activities for kids. Also special hotel deals for attendees! 

Those C/Z Dancers who have been around a few years have many good memories of the Ft Lauderdale C/Z festival held nearby many many moons ago!!!

More Info... check out their website at:

New to Zydeco dance... check out the free easy lesson online at

Monday, February 1, 2016

Zydeco Club - Slim's Y-Ki-Ki Closes after 69 Years !

With time comes change and some change is not what us Zydeco dancers like to see.  The famous old Zydeco club in Opelousas Louisiana, Slim's Y-Ki-Ki recently closed after being in business for 69 years. 

I have had many good memories over the years and probably also lost a little hearing in that place at some point.  Always appreciated the welcoming they gave us out of town tourist in their local hot spot as we were definitely outsiders.  My favorite memories include one of the nights when the local police shut down the place with the blue flashing lights of their police cars illuminating up the area around the club.

Check out the advisors article at the link below:

Check out the advisors article at the link below:


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why Cajun Music Sounds the Way it Does...

There are very few artists who can explain why Cajun music sounds the way it does as well as Marc Savoy.   The brief video clip below shows Marc not only explaining it but showing on the accordion the unique differences that give Cajun music that special quality separate from Zydeco or other styles....

To find out more about Marc and the Savoy Music Center go to

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Major Zydeco Artist Sues Venue for Contract Issues

As dancers and fans we often just see the fun side of the thousands of Cajun/Zydeco events around the world and don't realize all the time, effort and energy it takes to make these events happen.  The vast majority of events of course are pulled off like clockwork but this is not always the case as recently reported where Zydeco artist Keith Frank recently sued a parish for an alleged breach of contract over the use of their venue. 

Details are listed through the following LINK to Cheryl Devall's article with the Gannett Louisiana but I just wanted to share the world the Cajun/Zydeco artists need to navigate with their music carriers and it's not always an easy one....

Sunday, August 9, 2015

9 Places You Must Hear Zydeco

Zydeco Crossroads always has some interesting info to share related to the Zydeco world and this month is no different, check out Jim Hobbs great post about the 9 places you must hear Zydeco at the following link...

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Wisdom of Zydeco Artists - Buckwheat Zydeco

This interview was interesting in many ways as the ambiance appears to be right after a gig as you see their instruments behind in the background.   Also instead of having seasoned interviewers you have a kid just asking some typical but good questions of Buckwheat and he shared some great insight after having been on this planet for a while and having experienced a few things!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Zydeco Dance Styles

I am always amazed at how it's not the technical ability of perfection of this dance that's fun to watch, its the attitude or style of other dancers that really bring their great energy to the experience.   

These clips below also help to show why Zydeco is perhaps the best dance in the world of all the social dances out there...   it's simplicity and yet ability to allow everyone's personality to shine in the joy of the music..  

The example below is more of a Zydeco-swing style where 1/3rd of his steps are swing, 6 count based and others are 8 count based but that gives it a style all it's own not to mention the attitude that is very cool..  

Something you see on LA and TX zydeco dance floors is the holding of the beer or cell phone while dancing...   

Arthur and Kim in Texas...


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kickstarter - Zydeco Projects

I was recently looking into a new documentary that was in the works for a squeal to the original Zydeco - Nite 'n' Day video put out in the early 90's.  The funding was going through Kickstarter so in the hunt for the status I found many Cajun/Zydeco related projects that were interesting to check out... and possibly support!!  

Kickstarter is a website that people use to source funding for projects.  In theory if you have a great idea and just need funding, sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo could be your solution to make the project happen!

Check out a few of the Zydeco and Cajun related projects below...   

Click on the following link for Zydeco projects:

Click on the following link for Cajun projects:

If your up for supporting a project in a small or larger way there are benifits to check out on kickstarter or Indiegogo's web site.. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Music Magic Around Lafayette

If you have not yet been to Lafayette one of the most recommended first experiences is Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette.  While the festival in itself is an amazing experience of music, culture, ambiance, people etc..   it's what else you can take in during those few days that also supports the Music Magic Around Lafayette.  

Thanks to John who does a fine job videoing and sharing some of this magic he shot and put together one video clip showing the wide variety of other music dance related events that went on the same weekend of Festival Acadiens.



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Zydeco Crossroads - Interactive History Of A Great Music Form...

I was recently searching for some Zydeco artist details and came across this great Zydeco web site called Zydeco Crossroads.

The web site is

It has some great articles and interviews from the wide rage of Zydeco reaches.

Click on the image below or this link to check out the site and don't forget the link to the Archives which covers a lot of great content from previous months.

A big thank you to Philly's Allons Dancer, Rounder Records and The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage for the work to support this site!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Whiskey River Jitterbug Dance!

Louisiana is a place like no other and along with their wonderful music are the dances that are done to this music.   While Zydeco is the dance most often done there is a growing number of people dancing the "Whiskey River Jitterbug".  This dance is known best for being seen at a famous bar called "Whiskey River" outside of Lafayette and at various other Cajun music related events around the area.

In the first video clip below Michael and Anna show how fun this dance can be: Click on the following link for details on ordering Michael's Whiskey River Jitterbug DVD... or you can email michaelseider @    mac   .com

The great part about this dance is it incorporates 6 count swing dance patterns which have been popular for many many years.  Check out the dance clips below to get a flavor of the dance and in addition some educational clips and video info as well to check out if wanted.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Keith Frank - Live At Slim's Y-KiKi, Vol 2 CD

Keith Frank put out a recent CD called Live At Slim's Y-KiKi, Vol2 CD and it's Great!!   Whoever wrote this great blurb below for Floyd's Music web site did such a great job I will post it with a link to Floyd's Record Shop where you got to get this music!

From Flattown Music:
"Keith Frank often asks his live audiences, "Do you wanna go back?" The question teases his crowd, hungry for another nugget in his endless string of greatest hits. But the question is also a statement of fact, a sly flex of muscle by a rare artist strengthened by family musical history that dates back to the 1800s.

Yet Frank's talent for reinvention keeps his music hot for generations raised on iPhones and Android devices. In today's world of zydeco, filled with talented newcomers, also-rans and pretenders, few can go back like Keith Frank. Since the early 1990s,

Frank has eared the title of Zydeco Boss with unending crowd pleasers, like "Get on Boy," "The Hamilton Club," "Casanova" and "Haterz." Frank's accordion-flavored version of "Moving on Up," the theme of the classic TV sitcom, "The Jeffersons," gave many in Generation X their first taste of zydeco. "Oh Mom" evokes memories of Louise Frank, Keith's mother, who dies in 2013 in a traffic accident.

Louise sat by the bandstand from the band's beginning, signed off on every song heard on this CD, including the sizzling swing-out, "Teddy Bear." Her spirit was felt in this live recording as the Zydeco Boss goes back yet keeps pushing zydeco forward. ~excerpt from Herman Fuselier. *NOTE: "Teddy Bear" is the only studio recording on this live album. Released in July 2014, 16 tracks."

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Making Zydeco Accessible - Andre Thierry

In the past being a Zydeco artist has been a very inclusive club only ventured by those who have the persistence to figure out how to play the music, or happen to live in Louisiana or Texas and have access to the incredibly talented artists.

Thanks to special artists such as Andre Thierry and a few others who are sharing their talents with others we will be able to keep spreading the wonderful Creole music for years to come.  As another example of people sharing information on playing Zydeco is at and for Cajun music BigNick's web site at

This blog post was in relation to reading an interesting article from Adam Joseph with the Monterey County Weekly eNewsletter which did a great little interview with Andre at the link below.  Click on the image below...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gator By The Bay Festival Lineup... May 7th-10th 2015 - Mother Day Weekend - San Diego

There are a bunch of Cajun/Zydeco festivals on the west coast and one of the biggest coming up is Gator By The Bay in San Diego.   This Cajun/Zydeco band line up was recently announced and it will be humming!!

Brian Jack & the Zydeco Gamblers - Houston based Zydeco All Star is Back!!!!

Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys - A seasoned pro and this is the first time ever that we have been able to get him for Gator By The Bay

The Pine Leaf Boys - Amazing Cajun talent and it's been a while since we have had these guys on the west coast!

Beausoleil with Michael Douset - Grammy winning artist straight from the heart of Cajun Country.

Book your hotel rooms, flights now to save a few bucks!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Louisiana's Cajun/Zydeco Country - Happiest Place to Live in US per Study

I knew Lafayette Louisiana was a special place when you combine the warm hospitality, music, dancing and other factors but I didn't know it was rated the happiest place to live in the US along with several other cities in Louisiana's Cajun/Zydeco country.

The Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch published a report with Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Houma and other towns being at the top of the list.

While New York was the unhappiest click on the following link and scroll down for the list of all the cities considered:

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Swamp N Roll TV Show / Cajun Zydeco Showcase

There are a few TV shows that feature Cajun and Zydeco artists and I wanted to share one called Swamp N Roll..  

What is cool is in addition to their currently weekly show at the bottom of their web page they also have all their past shows archived to watch...

They tape at the Black Gold Casino in Rayne, LA every week if you want to swing by and be a part of the show and it's shown on KDCG TV..